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About Us, an India based corporation. focuses entirely on Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware. 

As demand for these products increased in light of the growth in digital currency worldwide, we opted to dedicate a website for professional miners and cryptocurrency enthusiast alike. With our knowledge, experience and background in computer hardware, parallel Miner raises the bar in customer satisfaction within this dynamic and rapidly changing industry.

Our technology is tested and proven at our own mining facilities, where we operate and maintain a mining farm. This empowers us to be different, as our prescription, in solutions are based from first hand knowledge, troubleshooting on the job and solving a variety of challenges in a mining environment. Rest assured that as crypto miners ourselves, we are knowledgeable with every kit, adapter, connector, cable, component and accessories we sell. All our products are tested in a real mining environment 24/7.

Our promise to you is 100% customer satisfaction at competitive prices. Our price points are approximately 20% lower than any other online market place such as Amazon or eBay. What you see is what you get on – genuine products, listings with original pictures accompanied with detailed, accurate product descriptions.

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